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Molybdenum Bar

Molybdenum Bar




Manufacturing process of molybdenum bar:
First, put molybdenum powder into leather sheath and then hammer it into bar shape in pressure embryo workshop. Put embryonic

molybdenum bar

into high temperature sintering furnace and finally finish producing by forging, straightening and polishing.

The appearance of molybdenum bar looks dark brown. The surface of molybdenum bar is smooth and molybdenum bar appears straight. The purity of molybdenum bar is higher than 99.9%.

There is no defects (crackle, cold-lap, hole, groove and others) on the molybdenum bar. The curvature of molybdenum bar is smaller than 2mm.

Molybdenum bar is mainly used in electrode of electric boosting glass kiln, electric manufacturing and electric vacuum devices and electric light source parts.

Molybdenum bar applications:
Molybdenum bar can be used in grid, anodes and parts of vacuum tubes.
In addition, molybdenum bar also can be applied in hot working mould, melting glassfiber, electrodes and the support for sintering special ceramic products.

Specifications and properties of molybdenum bar:
Molybdenum bar has such features as high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. At high temperature, molybdenum bar can resist oxidation and have high strength without any distortion during the procession.
Specification Main Properties
Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Density(g/cm3) Hardness(HB) Resistivity(cm)
1-110 <=3000 ≥10.2 ≥120 6.63×10-6