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Tungsten Crucible




Manufacturing process of tungsten crucible:
We have special production in

tungsten crucible

manufacture. The process includes isostatic pressing, mechanical processing, sintering, mechanical processing, detection check and other further processing.

Tungsten crucible applications:
Tungsten crucible is widely used to the sapphire growth furnaces, quartz glass melting furnace, crystal furnace, induction furnace, sintering metal mold of high melting point, electronic beam coating, and rare earth smelting furnace.

Properties of tungsten crucible:
Our tungsten crucible has advantages of high purity, high density, low resistivity, high strength, low thermal expansion, erosion resistance. In addition, the surface of our tungsten crucible polished, therefore, there is no crack and the inside and outside wall is smooth.

Specifications of tungsten crucible:
Condition: Sintering or forging.
Material Density  Size
w 99.95% 19.1g/cm3(Forging)  Diameter:10-100mm;  High:10-120mm
w 99.95% 18.3g/cm3(Sintering)  Diameter:100-650mm; High:50-850mm
Measurements and tolerances(mm)
Delivery condition Specification Thickness Roughness(μm)
Diameter Height
Sinter 10~700 10~1000 5~30  
Finished sinter 10~650 10~850 7~25 <2.5

Manufacturing process and equipment
Item Process Equipment Quality Check point
1 Tungsten powder   1.Purity of tungsten powder
2 Sieving High frequency vibrating screen 2.Fsss,HB
3 Mixed powder V shape mixer 3.Green strength
4 Isostatic pressing Isostatic pressing machine 1.Measurement of rough-processed billet
5 Rough billet lathing CNC vertical turning machine 2.Surface quality of rough-processed billet
6 IF sintering IF induction sintering furnace 1.Outside measurements of finished product