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Tungsten Plate




Manufacturing process of tungsten plate:
In manufacturing

tungsten plate

, we have advanced equipments such as hot rolling mill, annealing furnace, high-tech straightener, hydraulic plate shears and other machines. A significant difference between tungsten plate and tungsten sheet in manufacturing process is that tungsten plate adopts hot rolling.

Tungsten plate applications:
Tungsten plate can be used to produce lighting source parts and electro vacuum equipments, and it can also be applied to electronics and semiconductor industries.

Properties of tungsten plate:
Tungsten plate features good processing performance and low content of impurities. In addition, it is compact in crystal structure.
Specifications of tungsten plate:
designation process delivery condition size(mm)
W1 P/M cold rolled(Y) 0.10-0.20
hot rolled® >0.40-4.0

Tungsten plate Impurities:
Grade   W-1
Impurities Fe 0.002
(%max) Si 0.001
  Ca 0.0005
  Mg 0.0005
  Ni 0.001
  Mo 0.002
  P 0.001
  C 0.002
  O 0.002
Application   For tungsten alloys
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