Zirconium Plate

Zirconium Plate



With over 15 years is dealing in refractory metal and arc welding fields Zhengzhou Sanhui Co.,Ltd offers

zirconium plate

and sheet and pure zirconium plate and other refractory metal plate, sheet, bar, rod, wire and etc.In addition, We have our own factory for making them in Luoyang, China.

Specification of Zr and Zr Alloy Plate

Standard ASTM B551, R60700, R60702, R60704, R60705, R60706,
Zr2, Zr4, AMS, MIL, JIS, R60001, R60802, R60804, R60901, R60904
Material For commercial Application (Hf ≤4.5%):
UNS R60700 (Zr1): Commercially pure, Zr+Hf≥99.2
UNS R60702 (Zr3): Commercially pure, Zr+Hf≥99.2
UNS R60704 (Zirconium-Tin alloy): Zr-1.5%Sn, Zr+Hf≥97.5
UNS R60705 (Zr5, Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5%Nb,
Zr+Hf≥95.5, O≤0.18
UNS R60706 (Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5%Nb, Zr+Hf≥95.5, O≤0.16
Thickness 1.0-10mm
Width 100-1500mm
Length 1000-2000mm
Feature high special strength , high melt point ,excellent corrosive resistance, 
Good thermal resistance. 
Application Aerospace industry, Military, Nuclear reaction , Atomic energy field.