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Molybdenum Sheet




Manufacturing process of molybdenum sheet:
Put molybdenum powder into leather sheath and hammer it into plate shape in pressure embryo workshop. Then put embryonic

molybdenum sheet

into high temperature sintering furnace to sinter. After sintering, cold rolling tungsten plate several times to get molybdenum sheet with specific requirements. Finish molybdenum sheet producing by grinding.

Molybdenum sheet appears dark brown. Molybdenum sheet will appear silver gray metallic luster if it is washed by the alkali. The appearance of molybdenum sheet is neat and smooth and has no such defects as cold-lap, divided layer, crackle, raw edges, impurities and others.

Molybdenum sheet can be made according to the needs of customers. In addition, molybdenum sheet with special specifications can be decided through the consultation by molybdenum sheet manufacturers and buyers.

Molybdenum sheet is suitable for lighting and electric vacuum device, electric semiconductor device, glass fiber kiln heating element, heat shield, molybdenum boat and other aspects.

Molybdenum sheet of TZM series can be applied as the radiation resisting shielding material, structural material of high-temperature furnace and can be used in other fields.

Molybdenum sheet applications:
Molybdenum sheet is widely used as parts of electron tubes and special lamps and shield-plates in high temperature furnace, molybdenum boats and heater, etc.

Properties of molybdenum sheet:
Molybdenum sheet has high melting point and boiling point, high strength, superior surface finish and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and small thermal expansion coefficient and good hardenability, etc.. In recent period of time,

molybdenum price

increases a little.

Specifications of molybdenum sheet:
Thickness Width Length
>0.30-0.30 50-250 100-1000
>0.70-1.0 50-800