Zirconium Pipe

Zirconium Pipe



We are a company offers various sizes of refractory metal products in forms of wire, rod, bar, plate, sheet, tube and pipe. Our company have over 15 years experience in dealing refractory metal and we have our own company.
Our own factory in Luoyang could offer high quality zirconium pipe and zirconium seamless pipe according to your specific requirements. We introduced advanced producing line, could offer pure zirconium pipe.
The following is the specification of zirconium pipe and its feature and applications.

Specification of Zr and Zr Alloy Pipe

Standard ASTM B523,ASTM B768
Material Zr2,Zr4,R60702,R60704,R60705
Dimension Size:OD3.0-120mm
Wall thickness:0.5-10mm.
Feature 1.      High special strength high melt point 
2.      Excellent corrosive resistance
3.      Good thermal resistance. 
Application 1.      Chemical industry
2.      Aerospace, Spaceflight
3.      Surgical implants
4.      Coating
5.      Marine engineering and other aspects
6.      Electronic components, etc.
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