Niobium Bar

Niobium Bar



Brief introduction of niobium bar:
Niobium is a gray metal. Niobium has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and superconductivity.
Niobium bar is one of niobium products. Niobium bar is produced from niobium powder by forging and polishing. Niobium bar has forging niobium bar and polishing niobium bar.
Material: RO4200-1, RO4210-2
Size: ¢3~¢120mm
Standard: As per ASTM B392-98
Purity: ≧99.9%  or  99.95%

Properties of niobium bar:
Niobium bar has such properties as: high melting point, low vapor pressure, good cold processing performance, high chemical stability, liquid metal and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc.

Applications of niobium bar:
Niobium bar is widely applied in iron and steel, metallurgy, electron, hard alloy, atomic energy, modern strategic weapons, superconducting technology, scientific research and medical equipment and other fields.

Table.1 Chemical composition:
designation chief component impurities maximum
Nb Fe Si Ni W Mo Ti Ta O C H N
Nb1 Remainder 0.004 0.003 0.002 0.004 0.004 0.002 0.07 0.01 0.004 0.0012 0.002
Nb2 Remainder 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.01 0.01 0.004 0.1 0.015 0.01 0.0015 0.01
Table 2. Mechanical requirements (annealed condition)
Grade Tensile strength  δbpsi (MPa), ≥   Yield strength  δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥ Elongation in 1"/2" gage length, %, ≥
 18000 (125) 10500 (73)  25 
Special requirements to be agreed on by the supplier and buyer of negotiations
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