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Molybdenum Nozzle

Molybdenum Nozzle




Manufacturing process of molybdenum nozzle:

Molybdenum nozzle

is manufactured by our special production line and elaborately made from molybdenum bar with high quality.

Molybdenum nozzle applications:
Molybdenum nozzle is important in the missile industry and can be used as high-temperature burning air nozzle of jet engines.

Molybdenum products also can be used in the important missile industry and they are suitable to be used as high-temperature structural parts, like molybdenum nozzle.

Properties and specifications of molybdenum nozzle:
Molybdenum nozzle is featured by high melting point, low thermal expansion, outstanding electrical and heat-conducting capabilities and relatively high tensile strength.
Type purity of Mo(%) impurity(%) density(g/cm3) hardness(HB)
Mo1 ≥99.95 ≤0.05 9.4 ≥110