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Molybdenum Mandrel

Molybdenum Mandrel




Manufacturing process of molybdenum mandrel:
Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd can use its advanced manufacturing technology and technique and produce

molybdenum mandrel

by shaping, sintering and mechanical processing.

Molybdenum mandrel applications:
Molybdenum mandrel is suitable for producing ion implantation parts, for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components, for manufacturing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces. In addition, molybdenum mandrel can be used for piercing seamless steel pipe such as stainless steel, drill steel and high temperature alloy steel.
Molybdenum mandrel also can be used in glass and glass fiber industry, it can serve a long life in melted glass liquid at 1300℃. Molybdenum mandrel is able to be used as electrodes in the field of rare earth metal industry.

Characteristics and specifications of molybdenum mandrel:
Molybdenum mandrel has a long service life and good piercing quality.
Dim(mm) Tol(mm) Dim(mm) Tol(mm)
20-55 +3.00 60-110 +6.00
60-80 +4.00 160-200 +8.00
85-100 +6.00 180-260 +8.00
110-150 +8.00 200-300 +10.00
160-250 +10.00 280-450 +15.00