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    • Polished Molybdenum Chuck

      Polished Molybdenum Chuck

      Polished Molybdenum Chuck Maximum length: 200mm Maximum diameter: 70mm Materials: molybdenum and stainless steel....

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    • Molybdenum piercing heads

      Molybdenum piercing heads

      1.Molybdenum piercing heads 2.Density:10.2g/cm3 3.Purity:99.95%;Dia8.0mm~500mm 4.Good corrosion resistance ISO9001:2...

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    • high temperature Mo-La fabricated part

      high temperature Mo-La fabricated part

      Specifications high temperature Mo-La fabricated part 1.The density:10.2g/cm3 2.The Purity=99.95% 3.Thickness:0.1mm~30.0mm Description 1.Chemical compositions : Type Chemical composition(%) Mo Impurity Mo1 =99.95 =0.05 Mo2 =99.9 =0.10 3.Dim...

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    • Molybdenum hook

      Molybdenum hook

      Molybdenum hook 1.The density:10.2g/cm3 2.The Purity>=99.95% 3.Thickness:0.1mm~30.0mm...

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    • Cemented carbide embolism

      Cemented carbide embolism

      Specifications Cemented carbide embolism specifications: diameter: 12-35* length: 150-330 Or customize according to clients requirements Description cemented carbide embolism: Specifications of the product: diameter 12-35*;length 150-330, o...

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    • Cemented carbide nozzle

      Cemented carbide nozzle

      Specifications Materials:YG6, YG8, YG11, YWN8 etc. There are more than 800 Sizes; We also can produce according to drawings; Descriptions: Cemented carbidenozzle is mainly used in chemical, food, machinery, metallurgy, construction and othe...

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