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Tungsten Boat

Tungsten Boat




Manufacturing process of tungsten boat:

Tungsten boat

is made from tungsten sheet through the technique of extruding, cutting, bending and riveting. Moreover, we threat the product surfaces through advanced techniques that there is no crack and delamination.
Tungsten boat applications:
Tungsten boat is widely used in military industry, electronic industry and light industry. In addition, it can be also applied in metalizing, electron beam spraying and vacuum coating industry. We can offer tungsten boat according to your specific requirements.
Properties of tungsten boat:
Tungsten boat has advantages of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat resistance, anti wear and corrosion performance.
Specifications of tungsten boat:

Chemical compositions:
W content(>=%) Total amount of impurities(<=%) each impurity
99.95 0.05 0.01
Type and size:
thickness width total length boat length depth
0.3 8-15 100-110 40-50 1.5-2