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Molybdenum Fasteners




Manufacturing process of molybdenum fasteners:

Molybdenum fasteners

are made from molybdenum rod by special processing machinery through heating, machining and polishing.

Molybdenum fasteners applications:
Due to the excellent high-temperature resistance performance of molybdenum, so molybdenum fasteners are the best choice in high temperature applications.
Molybdenum fasteners can be used in high-temperature vacuum furnace, aerospace, military project and other fields.
Molybdenum fasteners are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electric horn, magneto, high temperature stove, magnetron molybdenum parts, electric light source of molybdenum parts, etc.

Characteristics and specifications of molybdenum fasteners:
Molybdenum fasteners made by Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd has such characteristics as high precision dimensions, complex production process, high technology content, stable quality, excellent performance and great variaty of products, such as molybdenum hex and nuts.
Purity Diameter(mm) Length
≥99.5% 2-100 As per request

Sanhui can provide standard or customized molybdenum fasteners according to your drawings.