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Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod




Manufacturing process of tungsten rod:
The process of making

tungsten rod

is similar to tungsten rod. It adds straightening and other further processed to get thin tungsten rod.  

Tungsten rod applications:
Tungsten rod is used to stretch for making tungsten wire and other shape of products. Besides, it is widely adopted to electrical system, voltage regulator in automobile engine and making electrode, electronic tube, cylinder barrel of advanced automobile and etc.

Properties of tungsten rod:
Our Tungsten rod features hardness, low mechanical abrasion with smooth surface. Moreover, It characterized by high temperature resistance and high creep resistance.

Specifications of tungsten rod:
tungsten rod chemical compositions and applications:
type purity of tungsten application
WAL1 >=99.92% filament,cathode and components for electron tubes,electrode for the gas discharge tube.etc.
WAL3 >=99.92% grid siderod,lead,support,electrode for the discharge lamp,etc.
W1 >=99.95% grid siderod,support,lead and electrode,etc.
W2 >=99.92%
Tungsten rod forms and dimensions:
furnished form specified diameter min.length
wroughted 2.8<=d<5.0 600
5.0<=d<6.5 300
6.5<=d<11.0 200
straightened 0.8<=d<1.0 1000
1.0<=d<3.0 800
ground 0.8<=d<3.0 800-1000
3.0<=d<6.5 300-600
6.5<=d<10.0 200