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Rivet tungsten steel pin casing pipe

Rivet tungsten steel pin casing pipe




Pin casing pipe
Higher machining precision;
Higher hardness,are not easy to deform;
Resist abrasion and high temperature;

In this product  picture, they are pin sheaths with diameter of 2.5mm, planting is: SKD-11,sizes are as following:
Head: external diameter 17.4mm, hanging table 5.1mm  
Body: external diameter 3.9mm, length 26.9mm
The total length is 32mm, the degree of finish of inner hole is high.

Tungsten steel products has 5-10 times longer wearing life than tool steel and high speed steel products. In addition, tungsten steel products have higher machining precision, higher hardness, are not easy to deform, can resist abrasion and high temperature and other advantages. We specialize in the production of tungsten steel pins, piercing mandrel and all kinds of special shaped tungsten steel pins. We can process all kinds of standard or non-standard hard alloy tungsten steel pins. Our factory possesses imported coreless grinder, punch machine and highly precise surface grinder and other advanced production equipment. We have imported precise measuring instrument, projector and other detecting instrument, and we also have molding technicians, which better guarantee quality of products and service. For products with general specifications, we can provide samples for trial use. New and old customers are welcome to visit our factory for guidance or you can call us for consulting business.