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W-Re Thermocouple

W-Re Thermocouple




Manufacturing process of tungsten w-re thermocouple:
It is firstly modeling the

w-re thermocouple

from the metal powder, then go further to the process of presintering, high temperature vertical sintering, rotary swaging, alkali cleaning, cooling and packing.
W-re thermocouple applications:
W-re thermocouple is widely used in metallurgical industry, high temperature electronic thermoelectric system structure engineering, space vehicle, nuclear reactor ultra high temperature measuring tools.

Properties of w-re thermocouple:
W-re thermocouple features high melting point, sturdy performance in high temperature , high thermoelectric potential and high thermoelectric potential rate.

Specifications of w-re thermocouple:
Chemical composition of W-Re thermocouple:
  W Re, (Positive) W Re, (negative)
Element Re W Re W
Content,wt% 3.00 balance 25.00 balance