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Molybdenum Electrode




Manufacturing process of molybdenum electrode:
Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd is one electrodes manufacturer and our

molybdenum electrodes

are produced by isostatic pressing, sintering in sintering furnace, then turning, rolling and forging to various types. Molybdenum electrode production is finished by electrolytic polishing.

The surface of molybdenum electrode is smooth and fine and close. The surface of molybdenum electrode appears gray metallic luster.

Molybdenum electrode applications:
Molybdenum electrode has been widely used in many fields such as daily-use glass, optical glass, insulation material, glass fiber and rare earth industry.
Molybdenum electrode can be applied in glass industry and it can work in glass solution of 1300℃. In addition, molybdenum electrode is also able to be used in conductive system of subway or other large-scale electricity supply facilities.

Properties and specifications of molybdenum electrode:
Molybdenum electrode has many excellent properties, such as high strength, oxidation resistance under high temperature, long service life and well corrosion resistance.
Diameter (mm) Length(mm)
10-100 150-1500