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Tungsten Pipe




Manufacturing process of tungsten pipe:
The process of manufacturing

tungsten pipe

is similar to tungsten tube. First, put tungsten powder into leather sheath, and then shaped it into rod through machine, after high temperature sintering in furnace, further processing such as straightening, grinding, polishing and etc would be taken.

Tungsten pipe applications:
Tungsten pipe has wide applications. It is mainly used to manufacture sapphire single crystal furnace, high temperature furnace thermocouple protection tube,

tungsten jewellery

, and there high temperature components and parts.

Properties of tungsten pipe:
Tungsten pipe has high melting point, excellent strength, good thermal conductivity and spalling resistance.

Specifications of tungsten pipe:
FW-1 tungsten pipe
Place of Origin Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name zzstc
Model Number FW-1
Shape Tubular
Material W≥99.90wt%
Dimensions 200-500mm
Chemical Composition W≥99.90wt%
common designation FW-1
chemical composition W≥99.90wt%
outer diameter 12.4~60mm
wall thickness 0.3~0.4mm
length 200~500mm
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