Tungsten Alloy

Cu-W Alloy

Manufacturing process of Cu-W alloy:

Cu-W alloy

, also called tungsten-copper alloy. It is common to adopt powder alloy technology to make of CU-W alloy. The process includes powder mixing, pressing to shapes, sintering and cold processing. With 22 years experience in dealing refractory metal, we have our own factory and perfect production line.

Cu-W alloy applications:
Cu-W has a wide application. It is mainly used to manufacture switch contact of high-voltage electrical appliances, rocket nozzle throat liner and sternpost rudder, and other high temperature components and parts. In addition, it also can be used to make electrode, high temperature mold and other high heat and electrical conductive parts.

Properties of Cu-W alloy:
Tungsten-copper alloy features good heat and electrical conductive, high temperature resistance strength and ductility.

Specifications of Cu-W alloy:
Type chemical composition(%) resistivity(cm) tensile strength(kg/mm2) hardness density(g/cm3)
W Cu
F6002E 60 balance <=3.26*10-6 >=130 >=160 >=12.70
70 <=3.80*10-6   >=200 >=13.80
80 <=4.00*10-6   >=220 >=15.00