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Molybdenum Seamless Tube

Molybdenum Seamless Tube




Manufacturing process of molybdenum seamless tube:
The manufacturing process of

molybdenum seamless tube

is similar to that of molybdenum tube, that is molybdenum seamless tube is made from molybdenum bar or molybdenum rod by using CNC drilling and milling machine. Molybdenum seamless tube production is finished by machining, like polishing.

Molybdenum seamless tube applications:
There are many molybdenum seamless tube applications, for instance, molybdenum seamless tubes are applied as components in electron tubes, heaters of high temperature furnaces, thermocouple retainers,etc..

Properties and specifications of molybdenum seamless tube:

Molybdenum seamless tube with thin wall

has high melting point, high strength, outstanding thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to thermal impact and corrosion, and can be used at service temperature up to 2000℃.
Diameter(mm) 12.4-60.0
Length(mm) 200-500
Wall Thickness(mm) 0.30-3.0