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Molybdenum Plate

Molybdenum Plate




Manufacturing process of molybdenum plate:
Manufacturing process of

molybdenum plate

is similar to that of molybdenum sheet. Molybdenum plate is produced by shaping, sintering, hot rolling and polishing.

Cold-rolled molybdenum plate is mainly used in electric vacuum and electric light source industries.

Molybdenum plate can also be manufactured into other molybdenum products with all kinds of shapes and varied specifications by deep-draw, drawing, spinning and other two forming processes, like molybdenum crucible, molybdenum boat, high-power molybdenum positive electrode, molybdenum grid electrode and others.

With the development of modern high temperature ceramics and electronic industry, the demand for cold-rolled molybdenum plate is increasing. In addition, the quality requirements for cold-rolled molybdenum plate is strict.

Molybdenum plate can be used for producing electric light source parts, components of electric vacuum and electric power semiconductor.

Molybdenum plate can also be applied for making molybdenum boats, heat shield and heating element of high temperature furnace.

Molybdenum plate applications:
Molybdenum can be applied in chemical field and can be produced into molybdenum chemical products, such as

molybdenum lubricant

Molybdenum plate is widely used in lighting and vacuum electric devices, electric power semiconduction devices, heating badies, heat shields, molybdenum boats, molybdenum crucibles and others.

Properties of molybdenum plate:
The hot or cold rolled molybdenum plates made from Sanhui has good processing properties, better surface quality and good comprehensive properties.

Specifications of molybdenum plate:
Delivery condition Size(mm)
  thickness width length
cold rolled(Y) 0.10-0.70 50-600 100-130
stress relief annealing(m) 0.10-0.70 50-600 100-130
hot rolled >0.70-5.0 50-600 100以上
cold rolled(Y)              stress relief annealing(m) 0.10-0.70 50-600 50-400