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Molybdenum Disk




Manufacturing process of molybdenum disk:
Sanhui adopts molybdenum billet rolling method to produce

molybdenum disk

. There are sintered and ram compression molybdenum disk. The manufacturing process is as follows: two times of hot rolling, heating, coarse grinding, annealing,molybdenum machining, surface treatment to finish molybdenum disk production.

Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd can provide ram compression type of molybdenum disk and sintered type of molybdenum disk to customers.

The purity of molybdenum in molybdenum disk is more than 99.90%. As for the ram compression molybdenum disk, here are some furnished forms:

One: the molybdenum disks with the thickness below 1.0mm are supplied in raming state, or cutting or wire-electrode cutting state. The molybdenum disks with thickness over 1.0mm are supplied in lathed state.

We are also able to offer abrasive blasting and double sided polishing molybdenum disks to buyers according to their requirements.

Molybdenum disk applications:
Molybdenum disk is suitable to be used in electric power semiconduction devices, electric vacuum devices, contactor materials for vacuum,  circuit breaker and fusions of thyristor.

Properties of molybdenum disk:
Molybdenum disk has bright surface, low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal electric conductivity, high temperature resistance and good compressive strength.

Specifications of molybdenum disk:
specification main property
diameter(mm) thickness(mm) density(g/cm3) hardness conductivity(%)(IACS)
20-300 2-20 >=9.8 >=150 <=6.63*10-6