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Tungsten Sheet




Manufacturing process of tungsten sheet:
We adopt cold rolling process to manufacture

tungsten sheet

. The whole process of tungsten sheet production involve stamping, spinning, stretching, bending and others.
Tungsten sheet applications:
Tungsten sheet is widely used in heating element in high-temperature furnace, reflective shield, heat tape, heat insulation. Besides, our

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can be used to make tungsten electrodes, tungsten boats for electronics, lightening, electro-vacuum industries.
Properties of tungsten sheet:
Tungsten sheet features high density, internal stable structure and high temperature resistance. The melting point and boiling point of tungsten sheet are highest in all metals.

Specifications of tungsten sheet:
designation process delivery condition size(mm)
W1 P/M cold rolled(Y) 0.10-0.20
hot rolled® >0.40-4.0

Tungsten sheet Impurities:
Grade   W-1
Impurities Fe 0.002
(%max) Si 0.001
  Ca 0.0005
  Mg 0.0005
  Ni 0.001
  Mo 0.002
  P 0.001
  C 0.002
  O 0.002
Application   For tungsten alloys