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Cemented carbide nozzle

Cemented carbide nozzle





Materials:YG6, YG8, YG11, YWN8 etc.
There are more than 800 Sizes;
We also can produce according to drawings;


Cemented carbide nozzle is mainly used in chemical, food, machinery, metallurgy, construction and other industries to produce powder, remove rust, clean, atomize, etc.. There are more than 800 specifications’ hard alloy nozzles. It is preferred environment-friendly product for factories who have cement and other working environment and have serious dust pollution to remove dust and pollution. All kinds of atomized discs have precise sizes and shapes, fine atomized particle sizes and full combustion. Hard alloy nozzle is used in oil-fired heating furnace, industrial furnace of oil burning boiler and other heating furnace for special use. We also can produce customized hard alloy nozzles according to drawings. Materials of hard alloy nozzle are YG6,YG8,YG11,YWN8.


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