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Molybdenum Tube




Manufacturing process of molybdenum tube:

Molybdenum tube

is one kind of

metal tube

, which is made from molybdenum bar or molybdenum rod by using CNC drilling and milling machine. Finish molybdenum tube production by polishing.

Molybdenum tube appears silver grey metallic luster.

The manufacturing technique of molybdenum tube is as following: isopressing, intermediate frequency sintering, mechanical processing, molybdenum tube product.

The required production facilities to make molybdenum tube are: isopressing sintering furnace, intermediate frequency sintering furnace, CNC lathe, CNC drilling and milling machine, coreless grinder, wire cutting machine.  

Zhengzhou Sanhui Co., Ltd is able to offer sintered molybdenum tube or processed molybdenum tube.

Molybdenum tube applications:

Due to the good high temperature resistant performance, molybdenum tube can be used as vacuum furnace accessory. Molybdenum tube can be continuously applied for 4 thousand hours in vacuum environment at 1800 ℃.

In the practical applications, molybdenum tube is widely applied in electric vacuum, heating tube, high temperature cooling tube, high temperature environment protection tube and others.

For large molybdenum tubes, they are able to be used as circular targets, flame tube and others. The small molybdenum tube can be applied as components of equipments.

Molybdenum tube can be used in many fields, such as it can be applied as components in electron tubes, heaters of high temperature furnaces, thermocouple retainers,etc.

Properties and specifications of molybdenum tube:
Molybdenum tube has such properties, such as high melting point, high strength, outstanding thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to heat and corrosion.
Outer diameter Φ12.4--60mm
Wall thickness  0.3--0.4mm
Length 200-500mm