MoW Advantages Over Pure Molybdenum and Tungsten

The followings are MoW advantages over pure molybdenum and tungsten:
MoW has these advantages over pure molybdenum:
1.The recrystallization temperature of MoW is about 100 °C higher than that of pure molybdeum.
2.It has better corrosion resistance to molten zinc.
3.It is more stronger.
MoW has these advantages over pure tungsten:
1.It has better processability.
2.Lower density.
MoW is typically applied as parts and components in zinc processing industry, like pump, nozzle, thermocouple sheath, mixer used in glass manufacturing, sputtering target in coating industry.
The etching performance of MoW coating is better, and it is very valuable for the fabrication of thin-film transistor.
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